Whicked Pickle

Spicy Pickle Flavored Whiskey

Pick a peck of pickled whiskey for a flavor as bold as it is unexpected. Whicked Pickle is our take on a classic pickleback shot, mixed to perfection, all in one bottle. Whicked Pickle brings a heat you didn’t know you were missing. This pickley peppery shot is whicked good.

It's a Big Dill

Whiskey + Wicked = Whicked

Whicked Pickle is a one-of-a-kind spicy pickle flavored whiskey that is so unique, we had to create an original word to define it. 


  • whiskey + wicked
    “Whicked Pickle Flavored Whiskey is whicked hot and whicked good!”
  • playfully mischievous

“This tastes whicked! It’s one stiff pickle!”

Whicked Pickle Cocktails

Shoot it or mix it. Wet your whistle with a Whicked Pickle cocktail. Your Bloody Mary will never be the same.

Whicked Mary

One Stiff Pickle

Pickle & Pint

Whicked Wing

Nashville Hot

Whicked Q

Pickle & Ginger

Whicked Mule

Pickled Soda